Manuka Honey Active 12+

Manuka Honey active 12+New Zealand Manuka honey is well known worldwide for its health benefits and healing properites. Studies are now able to confirm that some New Zealand Manuka honey has non-peroxide activity which makes it unique. This has come to be known as ‘active’ Manuka honey.

Compared to all other honeys, active Manuka honey has more antibacterial activity. Note that not all Manuka honey is ‘active’. Active Manuka honey carries a number to indicate the level of antibacterial activity (low, medium, high – indicative range from 5+ to 25+).

When honeys are taken internally the honeys are diluted by the fluids in the body and if the antibacterial activity is high, less honey is required to achieve results. Manuka honey with lower activity levels has the same healing properties but more of the honey is needed or a longer usage is suggested.

In an article, Dr P. Molan, a notable authority on antibacterial agents, said: “It is notable to report that Manuka honey, with an average level of activity, can be diluted with fifty four times its volume of fluid yet still completely inhibit the growth of Staphylococcus aureus, a major wound-infecting bacteria and a species notorious for its development of resistance to antibiotics.”

These antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties have attracted great interest today because of the growing concern over antibiotic resistant staph and bacteria.

Internationally, New Zealand honey is also unique in its drug-free status. Beekeepers in New Zealand do not use drugs in the hive to control disease.

Besides its antibacterial-properties, active Manuka honey also contains various beneficial nutrients not found in processed foods and refined sugars. When honey is consumed these nutrients are immediately available for absorption into the body for food and energy. Honey is an ideal natural source for quick energy because honey is quickly incorporated into glycogen in the liver.