Colostrum Powder

A natural alternative to antibiotics – helps support the immune system and gut health

Colostrum is a proven natural antibiotic. In fact, before the development of antibiotics, bovine colostrum, being rich in immunoglobulin, was used to fight infections. Today with new antibiotic-resistant strains of pathogens developing, interest is once again returning to colostrum as a natural alternative to antibiotics.

New Zealand colostrum contains a wide spectrum of immunoglobulin.

In New Zealand, colostrum is collected from non-immunized pasture-fed cows. Our climate in New Zealand allows the cows to feed in open pastures all year round. Bovine colostrum from pasture-fed cows contains immunoglobulin specific to many human pathogens, a common one being traveller’s diarrhea.

New Zealand colostrum is also collected from many participating farms spreads throughout the country. The type of antibodies in colostrum depends a great deal on the type of pathogens the cow was exposed to. The many participating farms means colostrum is collected from cows that have developed a wide spectrum of antibodies. The more antibodies, the better the cows are able to resist the many different types of pathogens, which means a higher quality of colostrum.

Our colostrum is low in lactose

A high quality colostrum is also low is lactose. Low lactose content is particularly important to the Asian market because of the general low tolerance for lactose amongst its consumers.

Typical characteristics of our colostrum powder:

  • Protein not less than 80%
  • Lactose not more than 10%
  • Fat not more than 2%

Powder is convenient to mix with other foods

Colostrum powder is a convenient form for people who prefer to mix colostrum with other foods like cereal or other powder mixes – rather than taking capsules.

High quality colostrum is full of wholesome goodness. It contains many naturally occurring nutrients including vitamins, minerals and antibodies. It is a great support for immune and gut health.

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