Rubex Tubes Mattress

The sleep system that breathes

Metzeler Rubex Tubes Mattress

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The Metzeler Rubex® Tubes sleeping system is probably the best in the world. It focuses on the two most important factors in healthy sleep – moisture regulation and a comfortable lying position.

The Rubex® Tubes sleeping system is cleverly designed for maximum moisture regulation and spinal support.

We perspire when we sleep, some more than others. It is possible to lose up to 200 litres of perspiration per year during sleep!

This perspiration is normally absorbed directly by your mattress. But the Rubex® Tubes sleeping system dispels this moisture quickly through a special vertical air duct. The moisture is guided straight out of the mattress, keeping it cosy and dry while you are asleep.

Fits your body contour perfectly

Rubex Tubes sleep systemThe multi-zone design in the mattresses fits your body contour perfectly, thereby supporting the natural ‘S’ shape of your spine. The symmetrical structure of the Rubex® Tubes system and its extremely high elasticity ensures that you always lie in the right position. This guarantees optimum spine relief. Your body can relax in the best possible way.

The Tubes 126 sleeping system is certified and recommended by AGR (the Federal Association of German Back Schools). The AGR quality seal distinguishes only those products that have proved their back-friendly design to an independent inspection committee of medical and scientific experts.

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