Slat Bed Bases

Metzeler Slatted Bed Frames

For a totally new sleeping experience… thanks to innovative German design

Metzeler slatted bed frameMetzeler have been making slatted bed frames for more than 150 years and are continually perfecting their design to provide the ultimate in sleeping comfort.

The slats are made of European beech, coated with an environmentally-friendly water-based varnish.

Metzeler have designed a range of bed frames to complement their sleeping system including the MOUSSE and the TUBES mattress range.

The MelaFlex

The MelaFlex (pictured above) is a slatted bed frame designed to be used with a wide range of sleeping sytems. It is designed for maximum shoulder comfort and adjustable hardness to provide perfect support in the lumbar region.

The MelaFlex comes in two models:

1. basic non adjustable
2. head and foot manually adjustable.

All Metzeler slatted frames are certified by the TÜV, a leading German standards organisation