Rubex Rufina Mattress

Rufina MattressSink in and relax, for healthy sleep

The Rufina mattress is designed to provide optimum back support with its innovative dome cut. The 7-zone inner core is laser-cut diagonally and lengthwise to allow your body to sink in and relax… relieving pressure on your intervertebral discs.

Your spine is gently stretched

This has a direct benefit to your health because as your shoulders and hips sink in, your spine is gently stretched, enabling the intervertebral discs to relax.

In this way, any waste products can be expelled from the discs through the night, so your body absorbs maximum nourishment.

Fully washable

The inner core of the Rufina mattress is washable. The mattress cover is also washable up to 60°C. The mattress cover is filled with a special Rubex material, which helps maintain its shape after washing. Sturdy hand straps are added for easier manoeuvrability.

This mattress is excellent for children and adults.