Metzeler ‘hypersoft’ pillows – a new level of comfort

Metzeler pillowsMetzeler pillows are scientifically-designed to relieve pressure points on the head and neck during sleep … making them incredibly comfortable. Their effectiveness has been proved by independent scientific tests by the Munich Institute of Ergonomics.

The Metzeler deluxe pillow:

  • is versatile … it has 8 possible combinations of head and neck support to suit both back and side sleepers
  • provides a choice of soft or medium support for the head
  • provides a choice of narrow or wide borders for the neck
  • has 4 layers to suit different height preference
  • eliminates pressure peaks – contributing to comfortable sleep
  • is made of breathable material and the cover has minerals within the thread to help maintain an even temperature
  • is completely washable
  • is fabricated without the use of any adhesives

Metzeler pillows are all made from Rubex environmentally-friendly foam, manufactured from sunflower seed oil and containing no toxic chemicals.

Scientific proof of Metzeler pillows’ comfort

Metzeler pillow

Ordinary pillow (left) compared with Metzeler pillow. (Note red 'pressure point' on the ordinary pillow.)

The images at left show test results for pressure points on a sleeper’s head using a Metzeler pillow (right) and a conventional pillow. The red spot shows a pressure point on the head (which causes discomfort) using a conventional pillow.

There is no pressure spot with the Metzeler pillow.