MOUSSE ‘To Dream’ Mattress

The mattress for sleep connoiseurs
Mousse 'To Dream' Mattress

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We refer to the MOUSSE ‘To Dream’ mattress as the ‘depression-free’ mattress. This is because you can make as many depressions in it as you like for 10 years, and your mattress will simply spring back to its original shape!

It is amazing what the developers at Metzeler have come up with. The Mousse mattress “thinks for itself”. It is always soft and comfortable in all temperatures. It remembers and it also forgets!

Springs back to shape

First, the mattress conforms perfectly to your body contour; then, when you change your lying position, it springs back to its original state in just a few seconds. This is what we called the MOUSSE effect.

MOUSSE ‘To Dream’ is the right mattress for connoisseurs of sleep.

10-year guarantee

Metzeler offers a 10 year guarantee for the MOUSSE sleeping system. The Mousse system consists of the MOUSSE mattress on a frame with a MOUSSE pad. The function of the MOUSSE pad is to enhance the MOUSSE effect, especially on your hips and shoulder area.

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