Metzeler – Natural, Safe and Innovative Sleeping Systems

The world’s first truly healthy mattresses, pillows and slatted bed bases

Metzeler mattresses, pillows and slatted bed bases are at the cutting edge of technology, scientifically designed to ensure a deep, refreshing sleep. Independent trials have shown the outstanding sleep benefits of these products.

nawaro foamSustainable – NAWARO foam is made of renewable raw materials

Metzeler is the first and probably the only manufacturer in the world to have developed a foam made of environmentally friendly raw materials. This foam is called NAWARO. Sunflower oil is used for the production of NAWARO. Water is the sole foaming agent used in the manufacture of all Metzeler foam materials. Being natural the Nawaro foam is not harmful to health.

rubex mattressesExpertise – creating foam with perfect structures

The quality of a foam material can only be investigated under a microscope. Each centimeter contains 10 to 30 of these perfect cells lying next to one another to provide resistance where necessary and give where comfort is required.

Metzeler foamInnovation – turns the night into a restful haven

Metzeler don’t offer you “off-the-peg” solutions. Metzeler have combined exact science and innovation to create the right foam recipe to produce the perfect mattress to suit your requirements – some like it washable, some like mouldable and some like it to keep them dry.

You can sleep yourself fit and beautiful!

Metzeler foamTechnology – excellent airflow and precision elasticity

A major feature of a good mattress is breathability – you don’t want to be sweaty during sleep. Metzeler Rubex NAWARO foam is also distinguished by its precision elasticity, with a nearly ideal spring characteristic in the load versus displacement curve. These are important factors so vital for healthy sleep, being particularly effective during your deep sleep phase.

Safety – thoroughly tested

All Metzeler products are tested for flame resistance to meet the highest European fire safety standards without the use of TCPP or any toxic chemical. It is important to note that this European fire safety standard is not offered by many mattress manufacturers as it is not a requirement in many countries.

Metzeler fire safetyEvery foam material at Metzeler is subject to strict quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. Metzeler quality tests include tensile strength test and load test.

Metzeler foam materials are certified in accordance with Okotex-100, QS 9000, ISO 9001 and VDA 6.1. In the aviation industry, Metzeler is a recognized manufacturer for aeronautic equipment according to JAR 21 Subpart G (upholstery) and are audited annually by the Federal Aviation Authority.

Customized for the sleeper

Do you know that when it comes to mattresses, it is not necessarily true that firmer is better? A mattress that is too firm does not support your body evenly, tending only to support the heaviest parts. A mattress that is too soft will sag and prevent your spine from maintaining proper alignment.

Neither situation allows your muscles to rest, as they must work through the night to find a comfortable position and maintain correct posture. With Metzeler you can find just the right firmness for you. The inner core of all Metzeler mattresses is available in soft, medium and firm to give customized support for your body structure.

Design – two options of firmness in one mattress!

Metzeler mattresses are designed with the option of two different firmnesses in one mattress. Most couples find it difficult to find a mattress with the right firmness for both of them. The Metzeler mattresses can be customized for couples. The king and superking size mattresses are designed with two inner cores. This means that you can have a combination of two different firmnesses within the one mattress.

This is especially suitable in cases where there are different preferences in firmness of the sleep surface, or where there is significant weight difference between the couple. The Metzeler mattresses are also designed to minimize the transfer of movement from one sleeping partner to the other.

Independent certification – an extra seal of quality

The effectiveness of Metzeler mattresses in promoting deep, restful sleep has been confirmed in independent trials by the Munich Institute of Ergonomics.

Metzeler sleep systemsThe Tubes 126 sleeping system is certified and recommended by AGR. The AGR quality seal distinguishes only those products that have proved their back-friendly design to an independent inspection committee of medical and scientific experts.

Metezler – the best sleeping systems in the world

Metzeler protects your health just as they protect the environment. Sleep is a foundation for good health. It’s simply better to sleep on Metzeler natural, safe and innovative sleeping system.