About Us

David and Gillian Ng

David and Gillian Ng, founders of NaturePlus. Over the years our business has grown, but our commitment to product quality and customer service has not changed.

NaturePlus® has been developing and supplying nutritional supplements and health and wellness products since 1996. We specialise in products made from the finest-quality, environmentally-friendly raw materials.

We founded NaturePlus® because of our desire to live a healthy life in our increasingly toxic world.

We wanted to be sure that we have the basic essentials to help us make a start to rebuild our health and we wanted to know what was in the supplements we were taking.

So we did our own research…

We discovered:

  • life is in the blood and if we supply our body with the needed essentials the body has the ability to repair itself
  • quality does matter… and there is a real need for nutritional supplements containing only top quality ingredients and in sufficient amounts to be of genuine value to people taking them
  • a good night’s sleep is an important key to achieving optimum health.

At NaturePlus® we look to nature for solutions

Every product we produce follows the following guidelines:

  • it is made with the freshest, best quality ingredients
  • it is an ‘essential’ to the body or
  • it will genuinely benefit the people taking it
  • it is natural and where possible organic
  • it is free of pesticides, steroids and other potentially dangerous chemicals.

With NaturePlus you can be absolutely confident that what you are taking is safe and is beneficial for your body.

After a very long search we added the Metzeler sleep system to our range. We believe Metzeler produces one of the healthiest sleeping systems in the world.

metzeler mattressMetzeler mattresses breathe!

The Metzeler sleeping system:

  • breathes
  • is made from natural renewable raw materials
  • is environmentally friendly, and contains no toxic chemicals
  • is designed to relieve pressure points on the head and neck during sleep
  • provides even load distribution and postural support – this is important for the healing of connective tissues and overall health
  • includes a completely washable range
  • is completely safe and incredibly comfortable
  • is designed to ensure a deep refreshing sleep.

Metzeler in Germany was founded in 1860. The company is renowned for its strength in research, development and manufacture of innovative and technically excellent high-quality products.

We cannot afford to short change sleep.

We can completely trust Metzeler to develop solutions with outstanding benefits to meet our needs for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Nature Plus - natural health productsWe only sell products that we and our families personally would use

Quality remains the hallmark of NaturePlus® in every part of our business. Our mission is to encourage people to take responsibility for their wellbeing, to raise the standards in every area of their lives – better health, better sleep, better relationships – by redefining what is possible.

We believe you can redefine your health by taking responsibility to provide what your body needs to thrive.

What we believe about good health:

  • Health starts from within.
  • The cells are the basic unit of the human body. When the cells are healthy, the tissues will be healthy and healthy tissues build healthy organs.
  • Your body has the ability to heal itself when provided with essential nutrients, which allow it to do repair and maintenance work.
  • Quality sleep is important to achieving optimum health.
  • Everybody is unique and there is no one solution that will fit all. Each individual seeking health must learn to listen to their own body and seek help to provide what the body needs.
  • You can change the state of your health if you are committed to do what it takes; i.e., eat a healthy balanced diet, and take dietary supplements to ensure you provide your body with the essential nutrients that are often lacking in our modern diet, drink enough water, have regular sleep, exercise and rest.
  • Balance is the key.

natural health products you can trustWe believe in building long term customer relationships rather than quick profit

Over the years our business has grown, but our commitment to product quality and customer service has not changed. Our greatest pride and joy is in the comfort and trust we have developed with our customers.

Our private labels opportunity provides our customers easy access to our premium quality products to impact lives within their circle of influence.

Our message is simple:

The body has amazing recuperative power to heal itself. You have the power to help the body restore – this is a mindset to cultivate, just like any other choice you make.

Your success is our success.

David and Gillian Ng
Founders of NaturePlus®